Monday, 29 July 2013

Welcome to the amoreTravel Blog


Welcome to the blog post for amoreTravel, I will be writing some short articles on here about the travelling I am doing or have done over the last 20 years. In that time I have driven over 400,000 miles flown around the world a few times, stopped in several countries, seen some amazing places, met very interesting people and had some really good times which I hope to share with you.

Some friends who are also travellers and writers are also creating the site which provides more detailed reviews of hotels, places to visit, things to do, lots of other travel information and by subscribing you will be entered into a free monthly Prize draw......When you have a moment please do go and visit.

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So Ok, I am in a wheelchair but that hasn't stopped me and it does not need to stop other people either with a disability or able bodied for seeing more of our beautiful world!! The limits we place on ourselves are often in our mind rather than the practical reality. I am not going to provide lots of information about disabled travel, little tips and ideas may be included but my philosophy is that 'Travel is for All'.

I do love beautiful images and therefore will share with you many I have collected over the years, if you want to see more immediately and read inspiring travel quotations you can click the link here.

If you wish to leave comments or links then feel free, I will moderate them as quickly as I can.

Many thanks and I hope you enjoy,


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