Thursday, 25 July 2013

Vancouver Firework Party - One hell of a bang

Sunset over English Bay, Vancouver, Fireworks

Vancouver Celebration of Light -
I will admit to loving fireworks and when by co-incidence was in Vancouver, Canada on one of the night's of the 'Celebration of Light' I had to go. In fact it would have been hard to miss it, as it is the biggest annual event held in Vancouver and the largest offshore firework competition in the world.

For the last 23 years during the last week of July, three teams compete for the title of Champion of the Celebration of Light, it is watched by an incredible 400,000 people each evening, sitting along the shore of English Bay in Vancouver and the party atmosphere is wonderful.

As locals and regular visitors know you need to pick your favourite site and arrive early as it does get incredibly busy and the Police and Stewards who do an amazing job have many of the streets closed.

There are many superb vantage points from Stanley Park, English Bay Beach, Sunset Beach and around to Hadden Park - we picked up some drinks and picnic food and headed off to Sunset Beach, and found an amazing viewpoint so we could watch the sunset.

Vancouver Celebration of Light, English Bay Sunset -

As more and more people arrived, the atmosphere got livelier and friendlier. The music from the bands and radio hosts ensured the evening was really hotting up. The Canadian people around us were incredibly friendly, offering to share their food and drinks and volunteers wandered through the crowds offering free ice cream and drinks. - This is one amazing Party and that was before the 'main event ' even started.

Vancouver Celebration of Light Firework Display -
 The night we were there - the nation competing was China and the show they put on was the most amazing firework display I have watched. To the rhythm and timing of wonderful music wave after wave of explosive star bursts were sent up from the barge offshore.

The ground rocked as everyone danced and jumped in awe at the amazing spectacle which was being choreographed for our pleasure. The colours, music and even the explosions all combined to provide a starlight experience. As the show came to a crescendo the excitement and enjoyment of the crowd was bursting out just as much as the fireworks themselves.

It was an amazing evening of entertainment and friendship shared with over 300,000  people - a memory to last a lifetime and certainly an event that Vancouver can be proud of.

Later in 2013 amoreTravel will be offering reviews and guides for travel to Canada and USA so you can enjoy your own holiday to some of the most awe inspiring places in the world.

The 2013 Vancouver 'Celebration of Light' takes place on the 27th and 31st July and 3rd August with teams from the United Kingdom, Canada and Thailand competing. We hope you have great weather and to everyone fortunate to attend have a fantastic evening.

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